Construction Time Again

Love in itself
More than a party
Everything counts
Two minute warning
The landscape is changing
Told you so
And then...


All of these insurmountable tasks
That lay before me
All of the firsts
And the definite lasts
That lay in store for me

There was a time
When all on my mind
Was love
Now I find
That most of the time
Love's not enough

Consequently I've a tendency
To be unhappy,you see
The thoughts in my head
All the words that we said
All the blues and the reds
Get to me

All of these absurdities
That lay before us
All of the doubts
And the certainties
That lay in store for us


Lots of surprises in store
This isn't a party
It's a whole lot more

We've had enough of this blind man's buff
You've kept us in the dark for long enough

This is more than a party
More than a party

Keep telling us we're to have fun
Then take all the icecream
So we've got none

The failed magician waves his wand
And in an instant
The laughter's gone


Get out the crane
This is construction time again
What is it this time
We're laying a pipeline

Let the beads of sweat flow
Until the ends will met though
Could take a long time
Working on the pipeline

Taking from the greedy
Giving to the needy

On this golden day
Work's been sent our way
That could last a lifetime
Working on the pipeline

From the heart of our land
To the mouth of the man
Must reach him sometime
We're laying a pipeline


The handshake seals the contract
From the contract there's no turning back
The turning point of a career
In career being insincere
The holiday was fun-packed
The contract still intact

The grabbing hands grab all they can
All for themselves-after all

It's a competetive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The graph on the wall
Tells the story of it all
Picture it now,see just how
The lies and deceit gained a little more power
Confidence-taken in
By a suntan and a grin

The grabbing hands grab all they can
Everything counts in large amounts

Everything, everything


We're lying by the orange sky
Two million miles across the land
And scattered to the highest high
Expect they'll either laugh or cry
No sex, no consequence, no sympathy
You're good enough to heat

Two minute warning
Two minutes later
When time has come
My days are numbered

The dawning of another year
Marks time for those who understand
One in four still here
While you and I go hand in hand
No radio, no sound, no sin, no sanctuary
So welcome to your last

The sun, the solitude, the cemetery
So welcome to your last


Do you ever get that feeling
When the guilt begins to hurt
Seeing all the children
Wallowing in dirt
Crying out with hunger
Crying out in pain
At least the dirt will wash off
When it starts to rain

Soap won't wash away your shame

Do you ever get the feeling
That something isn't right
Seeing your brother's fists
Clenched ready for the fight
Soon the fighting turns to weapons
And the weapons turn to wounds
So the doctors stitch and stitch
And stitch and stitch and stitch

Surgery won't improve your pain

It all seems so stupid
It makes me want to give up
But why should I give up
When it all seems so stupid

Do you ever get the feeling
That something can be done
To eradicate these problems
And make the people one
Do you ever get that feeling
Something like a nagging itch
And all the while doctors
Stitch and stitch and stitch

Hope alone won't remove the stains of shame


The landscape is changing
The landscape is crying
Thousands of acres of forest are dying
Carbon copies from the hills above the forest line
Acid streams are flowing ill across the countryside

'Cause I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world
I don't care if you're going nowhere
Just take good care of the world

Now we're rearranging
There's no use denying
Mountains and valleys can't you hear them sighing
Evolution - the solution or the certainty
Can you imagine this intrusion of their privacy

Token gestures, some semblance of intelligence
Can we be blamed for the security of ignorance


And do those feet in modern times
Walk upon the flowers
And walk upon their brothers
While the heads are busy lying low
Try to keep to cover...oh

Something went wrong
Along the way
Everybody's waiting for
Judgement day
So they can go
Told you so

Bring me my gun of itching desire
Bring me my bullets
And I will fire
Sight's set higher
Than the tall church spire

Standing in line
The blind leads the blind
Waiting and waiting
For an overdue sign
Brothers and sisters
Playing chinese whispers
If things aren't suited
Then they'll get diluted

There's a one more dead
With a hole in his head
He shouldn't have said
All the things he said
Many tears were shed
For the blood he bled


Let's take a map of the world
Tear it into pieces
All of the boys and the girls
Will see how easy it is

To pull it all down and start again
From the top to the bottom and then
I'll have faith or I prefer
To think that things
Couldn't turn out worse

All that we need at the start's
Universal revolution (that's all)
And if we trust in our hearts
We'll find the solutions

Took a plane across the world
Got in a car
When I reached my destination
I hadn't gone far

Let's take the whole of the world
The mountains and the sands
Let all the boys and the girls
Shape it in their hands
В начало

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