A Broken Frame

Leave in silence
My secret garden
Nothing to fear
See you
The meaning of love
A photograph of you
Shouldn't have done that
The sun & the rainfall


I've told myself so many times before
But this time I think I mean it for sure
We have reached a full stop
Nothing's going to save us from the big drop

Reached our natural conclusion
Outlived the illusion
I hate being in these situations
That call for diplomatic relations

If I only knew the answer
Or I thought we had a chance
Or I could stop this
I would stop this thing
From spreading like a cancer

What can I say
I don't want to play anymore
What can I say
I'm heading for the door
I can't stand this emotional violence

Leave in silence

We've been running round in circles all year
Doing this and that and getting nowhere
This will be the last time
I think I said that last time

If I only had a potion
Some magical lotion
That could stop this
I would stop this
I would set the wheels in motion


My secret garden's not so secret anymore
Run from the house holding my head in my hands
Feeling dejected,feeling like a child might feel

It all seems so absurd
That this should have occured
My very only secret
And I had to go and leak it

Know my secret garden's not so secret anymore
Run through the fields down to the edge of the water
Can't stay long,here comes the reason why

She'll catch me if she can
And take me by the hand
I'll have to keep on running
And I just can see the fun in

My secret garden's not being secret anymore
It used to be so easy
On days such as she'd
Search and search for hours
In among the flowers

I loved it-I loved her

Play the fool,act so cruel
I loved it
Read the book,take a look
I loved her


When the site was found
We laid the foundations down
It didn't take long before
They came back tumbling down
Don't build at night
You need a little light
How else you're going to see
What it's going to be like

So we picked up our tools
And we worked in the morning light
With the last stone placed
Wasn't it a wonderful sight
But it fell back down
And scattered all around
Anything passes
When you need glasses

My monument-it fell down

Work all of my days
For this kind of praise



All I want to do is see you again
Is that too much to ask for
I just want to see your sweet smile
Smiled the way it was before
Well, I'll try not to hold you
And I'll try not to kiss you
And I won't even touch you

All I want to do is see you
Don't you know that it's true

I remember the days
When we walked through the woods
We'd sit on a bench for a while
I treasure the way
We used to laugh and play
And look in each other's eyes
You can keep me a distance
If you don't trust my resistance
But I swear I won't touch you

Well, I know five years is a long time
And that times change
But I think that you'll find
People are basically the same

If the water's still flowing
We can go for a swim
And do the things we used to do
And if I'm reluctant you can pull me in
We can relive our youth
But we'll just stay friends
Like sister and brother
Though I think I still love you


Now hear this my friends
I'll never be the same again
Going to lock myself in a cold, black room
Going to shadow myself in a veil of gloom

I will function, operate
I will be the satellite of hate

The satellite of hate

Driven to this point by a chain of events
Each one pushed me nearer the edge
Going to send my message through to you
And you'll receive a signal, too

Higher, higher

Disillusioned, I was disenchanted
Forgot the love that had been implanted
Heard the lies and I felt the cold
It broke my heart and I lost control

Now I'm a satellite of free state
I'm the satellite of hate

The satellite of hate


I've read more than a hundred books
Seeing love mentioned many thousand times
But despite all the places I've looked
It's still no clearer
It's just not enough
I'm still no nearer

The meaning of love

Noted down all my observations
Spent on evening watching television
Still I couldn't say with precision
Know it's a feeling
And it comes from above
But what's the meaning
The meaning of love

Tell me the meaning of love

From the notes that I've made so far
Love seems something like wanting a star
But I could be wrong
I'm just not sure, you see
I've never been in love before
Never been in love before

Next I asked several friends of mine
If they could spare a few minutes of their time
Their looks suggested that I've lost my mind
Tell me the answer
My Lord high above
Tell me the meaning

The meaning of love

Tell me


What good is a photograph of you
Every time I look at it
It makes me feel blue

What use is a souvenir
Of something we once had
When all it ever does is
Make me feel bad

I wish I could tear it up
But then again I haven't the guts
I wish I could throw it on the fire
I wish I could
But to say I would
I'd be a liar

What good is colour print
Of a little baby doll
When just one little glance
Is enough to make me feel dull

I hoped I would misplace it
But then I take such good care of it
I wish it would disappear
I say I wish
But then I relish
It being here

Feel blue


Plans made in the nursery
Can change the course of history
Remember that

Mummy's annoyed
Says go and play
Don't show your face
Stay away all day
Shouldn't have done that

A small boy
And his infantry
Marching around
So naturally
Shouldn't have done that

Grows up
And goes to school
Such a nice boy
Obeys all the rules
Mummy's proud of that

Leave school
To follow his ambition
Knows what he wants
To be a politician
Shouldn't have done that


Someone will call
Something will fall
And smash on the floor
Without reading the text
Know what comes next
Seen it before
And it's painful

Things must change
We must rearrange them
Or we'll have to estrange them
All that I'm saying
A game's not warily playing
Over and over again

You're the one I like best
You retain my interest
You're the only one
If it wasn't for you
Don't know what I'd do
Unpredictable like the sun
And the rainfall
В начало

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