We Fly... Tonight (1998)

We Fly... Tonight (radio edit)
Green-Eyed Monster
We Fly... Tonight (extended version)

Тексты песен


I teach you a lesson
I know something beautiful
Let me gratify your passion
I call this fashion
You'll enjoy the labour
There is no need to regret
Will you grant the ultimate favour
There is no failure

We fly unto the end of time
We try to get high one more time
We fly unto the end of time
Don't cry, this love won't be denied

Overcome resistance
There is something beautiful
We can summon into existance
We kill the distance
Something you cannot measure
Can we ever get enough
No, we never pall with pleasure
We hold a treasure


The fever of his skin
Is peeling burning sin
The star in your own film
Devote yourself to him

The silver key to your
Extraordinary core
The loyalty you swore
Have driven you ashore

Keeper of my soul
My heart became your throne
Emotion rules the mind
Your triumph, my decline
My shelter and my home
Your touch my highest goal
My ease and alibi
Despiteful and unkind

Guided by the wild
Green-eyed monster's might
She's driving through her night
In hope to find a light

Keeper of my soul


You are searching
For a place to hide
You will find it
In a dream of pure delight
You feel safety
No fear inside your mind
In your dreamland
You leave all pain behind

Keep dreaming
Keep your dreams alive
Don't stop dreaming
'cause it beautifies your life...

You are waiting
For the rain to fall
Fell the raindrops
After tearing down the wall
You leave sadness
And then you come to bear
Your private paradise
Your dreams will take you there

Keep dreaming...
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