I Regret (1996)

I Regret (radio edit)
I Regret (lab edit)
Sexy Moves
Scars (jab dub)

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Sometimes I'm simple minded
Then I can't read your look
All my thoughts are binded
I'm like an opened book
In which you read the story
Of a bleeding soul
I am so sorry
Each time I lose control

I should suppress my rage
In need you beside me
Don't you leave the stage
I need you to guide me
I know you'll be my saviour
If I repeat my fault
You put me on my best behaviour
You hear my call

Please hold out
I regret
All the nasty words I said
I can feel you getting colder
Please don't doubt
That I regret
All the days I left you sad
Can't you see me getting older

I know I hurt your feelings
But you had the strength
To start my healing
You went all length
The days of crying
Have reached the end
'cause now I'm trying To understand

Please hold out...


We break out of the norm
Like walking through a storm
Our wishes are too bad
Exploding in my head
The kisses are so hot
Morality will rot
The passion`s so intense
Sweat runs through our hands

Oh girl make me understand
Why your sexy moves make me so wild
Oh girl take me by your hand
While your sexy moves make me a child

We sacrifice our souls
We`re changing our roles
Obscenities and dirt
Tender words would hurt
Don`t show mercy now
Only teach me how
Indecent game`s should be played
Please be my catty fay

Oh girl make me understand


I know I came too late
To save your heart
I couldn't change your fate
Now we're torn apart
We were just boys
When you had to go
Each day I miss you voice
And I'm feeling low

Heal the scars in my soul
Now the time is right
Heal the scars in my soul
Wipe out the shame inside

And now it's much too late
To save your heart
I suffer from our fate
We're torn apart

Heal the scars in my soul...
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