Hear Me Calling (1998)

Hear Me Calling (radio edit)
Hear Me Calling (mesh remix)
Hear Me Calling (album edit)
Hear Me Calling (entrusted to mesh)
Hear Me Calling (no sonar mix)

Тексты песен


I believe in your heart
Can you believe in me
Would you try me out one day
When our souls are free
I can taste your sweetness
I am out of control
Leave my mind if you don't stay
You decompose my soul

Can't you hear me calling
Longing for a calm
Can't you see I'm falling
Soon I'll come to harm
Can't you feel my yearning
For your charity
Can't you see I'm burning
Till our souls are free

Waiting for an answer
I'm waiting for a sign
I do not understand these feelings
hope you're feeling fine
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