Fairylive! (Special Edition) (1997)

Endlose Traume Daydreamin'
Today's Life Encore V
Encore I Take Me To The Time...
Get Over The Wall Encore VI
Keep Your Dreams Alive Blue Moon
Encore II Encore VII
I Regret Your Hands On My Skin
Encore III Moments We Shared
Sweet Life Try To Forget
Bleed Me White Encore IX
Harvester Outro
Encore IV Always Proved [bonus track]
Dinner Without Grace  

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Wrapped in mystery
A witless waste
No sign of dignity
A misty haze
Blood-red history
A deadly fate
Perverse philosophy
Justifying hate

Life of agony
My mind insane
Nowhere security
And nowhere shame
A yearn for harmony
No silly game
Penetrate my brain

Does it help us to pray?
I never felt that way
Does life make sense today?
I never felt that way

Does it help us to pray?...


Dialogs in German


The glow in your eyes
Reveales your willingness
Don't loose your tie
I want your sweet caress
Longing for your touch
Is what i feel inside
My body missed so much
Thats why i'll give up all my pride

Get over the wall
Conquer my inmost soul
Hold me tight if I fall
Into your tempting hole
Get over the wall
Let your feelings flow
When I hear your call
I fell my passion grow

You turn black
Into the brigthest white
You dont keep me back
When I want to see the night
There is so much time to sin
And we can stand it all
There is so much we can win
So get over the wall

Get over the wall...


You are searching
For a place to hide
You will find it
In a dream of pure delight
You feel safety
No fear inside your mind
In your dreamland
You leave all pain behind

Keep dreaming
Keep your dreams alive
Don't stop dreaming
'cause it beautifies your life...

You are waiting
For the rain to fall
Fell the raindrops
After tearing down the wall
You leave sadness
And then you come to bear
Your private paradise
Your dreams will take you there

Keep dreaming...


Dialogs in German


Sometimes I'm simple minded
Then I can't read your look
All my thoughts are binded
I'm like an opened book
In which you read the story
Of a bleeding soul
I am so sorry
Each time I lose control

I should suppress my rage
In need you beside me
Don't you leave the stage
I need you to guide me
I know you'll be my saviour
If I repeat my fault
You put me on my best behaviour
You hear my call

Please hold out
I regret
All the nasty words I said
I can feel you getting colder
Please don't doubt
That I regret
All the days I left you sad
Can't you see me getting older

I know I hurt your feelings
But you had the strength
To start my healing
You went all length
The days of crying
Have reached the end
'cause now I'm trying
To understand

Please hold out...


Dialogs in German


As we were young
We believed in wonder
No shadows on our unfeigned souls
We were so much stronger

A sweet life
Unrestrained and wild
A sweet life
Glad to be a child
A sweet life
We had no price to pay
A sweet life
Day by day

As we were young
We ran through the fields
We let things take their course
Had nothing to conceal
As we were young
We could move mountains
Our childlike heart and soul
Were our strengths' fountain

A sweet life...


I'm afraid of you
When I see you glare
I will go down on my knees
I'd do anything for you
Want to taste all sins
I lick off your feet
I can't get enough
I can never stop the lust

I keep still now you can bleed me white
If you stay you see my second side
I keep still now you can bleed me white
You'll discover an undying light

I play the fool for you
I lay down my pride
I will go down on my knees
I'd do anything for you
You can seal my fate
I give my heart to you
I can't get enough
I can never stop the lust

I keep still now you can bleed me white...


I cannot trust another vow
Another lie
I won't accept a new deceit
Before my eyes
You poke the flame
Of distrust in me
No matter what you say
You'll pay

You'll taste the pain
I know
You will harvest what you sow

I don't pretend to be a saint
I am alive
Nowhere to gov No place I know
You can follow close behind

You'll taste the pain...


Dialogs in German


Immaculation in your eyes
Depravity within your mind
A suffer from a devotional alliance
Purity is in your smile
A lack of confidence beneath your shine
Another heavenly defiance

They're telling you lies
Privation within their rhymes
Don't wait for god's embrace
Let's have a dinner without grace
They're telling you lies
Deceit is in their mind
It's time that in God's face
We have a dinner without grace

Morality will fall apart
A greater scheme deep in your heart
No time for innocence and pride
Sincerity you have to prove
Dissimulation is too close to truth
Don't mind their chastity tonight

They're telling you lies...


The wind has called my name
You won't find me down again
Can you hear the same?
Spread your wings and fly away

With you by my side
No more to say
With no place to hide
We run from today
With you by my side
I won't be afraid
Inscrutable night
We seize the day

My soul they'll necer tame
Higher spheres I reached again
Do you feel the same?
Pack your bag and dream away

With you by my side...


Dialogs in German


You can pray for me
But you cannot save my soul
Dig my grave but see
That I still can hear you moan
Think of my embrace
When you lose all hope and faith

You reach out for me
But you cannot grasp a dream
You hold on to me
Your illusion makes me real
Think of my embrace
In your drug's delusive haze

Take me to the time
Let it start again
Take me to the time
When it all began
We can fly so high
You'll never want to say good-bye

Just remember me
That's the least I do implore
Don't you grieve for me
Never lock your tender door
Think of my embrace
Don't ever trust heaven's grace

Take me to the time...

Take me to the time...
I never wanted you to die


Dialogs in German


Stories of the past
Make my heart ache
The shining of the stars
Will make the earth quake
Gone too far
The angels start to sing
And pain is what it brings

I found heaven
I found joy
And peace within my mind
In the sand, in the grass
In the hills of the land called Blue moon
I found heaven...

I heard it in a dream
Don't sell your soul
Now there's a need to scream
A need to change my role
'Cause stories of the past
Make my heart ache
Time goes too fast
For my sake

I found heaven...


Dialogs in German


Only you know my perverted dreams
You know what I feel
You know what I really want
You are the only one
I could prefer to touch you now
But I only want to know
One thing at this point

Please tell me
Why I belong to you
When I cry
When I cry
For your hands on my skin

Save the only thing you can
Tell me what it is
Don't try to hide the perfect mess
Of your strange behaviour

Please tell me...


Don't come back
You take my breath
Long before I die
I came to see you again
You make me pray
For being in love with you tonight

In every moment we have shared
You withheld all what I deserved
And left me with my pain
For every moment we have shared
You take away what I deserve
And leave me in despair

Long before I die...

In every moment we have shared...


You return in the night
Don't have a person to hold you
And you think about the past time
When you were
When you were still loved

You go to bed alone
Don't have a person to warm you
And you think about your lost love
Then you try to forget

Try to forget, Try to forget
Try to forget
You should try to forget
But you can't forget

You don't show your tears but I do
And you hope that someone knows
That you are alone
And takes you
And takes you in his arms

Your secrets are your thoughts
Write them down and start to cry
Write them down and start to scream
Because you know you are alone

Try to forget
Try to forget...


Dialogs in German




No time to think about our world's fate
No time to think about its end
We feel dejection
In dreaming to much time we spend

They say we don't know
What is right what is wrong
Forget all your lies
You told before
Never stop running
In this strange world

They delay to decide
This planet will save itself
They say
We don't know
What is right what is wrong

Forget all your lies...

They say we don't know
What is right what is wrong...
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