Boy On The Street (1992)

Boy On The Street (hello-high-mix)
The Scenery Deludes (tranquilizer-mix)
What We Have To Learn (faster-mix)
Plight (sos-mix)
Boy On The Street (disjointed-mix)

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You see the difference
Of people on the street
You see it every day
On the TV-screen

Then take away their dreams
And take away their fears
Give them words to speak
Give them hands to shake

And you felt my pain
And you felt my pain
About the boy on the street
I want see him on his own feet
And you heard my scream
And you heard my scream
For the man on the street
He's praying for some dreams

Then take away their dreams...


You, you run away from me
Take everything with you
That I need
That is important for my fears

You, you take away my breath
And next you steal my face
Ahat I show to people
When I'm all alone

You, you aren't right at all
The scenery deludes
And in your arrogance
You won't see the end

You run away from me
Take everything with you
And I feel
It makes me want to die again

You are a disliked person
Discourse on a disliked person


Time isn't changing
All the things that tangle me
All the thoughts
Of not played games
To climb the highest tree
And we fall down
Fall to learn
To accept what we've to learn

What we have to learn...

Children are crying for someone
To warm them in the night
Their hands reach out
They feel the shame of black skin
But they want to stay

What we have...

Defend their human rights
Take them by your hand
And show them how to fight
Fight for their land


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