Unversed In Love 2CD (1995)

Free From Cares
Soul Keeper
At Night
Dress Me When I Bleed
Like A Sea Of Flames
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Love Me Again
Moments We Shared
Blue Moon
Unversed In Love
Blue Moon (limited)
Moments We Shared (divided)

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In each word we say
We pretend to pray

The words of Jesus
And anytime
We end up smashed to pieces

In a world of lies
We are free from cares
We close our eyes

I assume
There is no healer
To heal this world
To make us cleaner

I assume...

Free from cares

We show each day
Leads into darkness
We go insane

We are of no account
We jeer the creatures
That we once found

It's tenderness
We are living on
So it's no wonder
That we're all gone


Tell me what I like
The certain things I had to hide
I never dared to tell
This is what I like
Now I have overcome my fright
I couldn't stand it's smell

Your promise me delight
Your flesh becomes my bribe
A gift I can't resist
I have to run the risk
Your innocence and pride
The sweetest I could find
Deceive me with your kiss
Betray my fading lips

Take me by the hand
Escape with me into your land
Of neverending lust
Minds and bodies melt
You know your game has reached the end
My everlasting trust

You promise me delight...

You promised me delight
Now hurt me day and night
A gift I gladly keep
To fool another cheat
You kiss my face good bye
And leave me with a smile
You leed me into deep
Another soul to keep


It's easy on the eye
When the truth turns into lies
Don't protect yourself from shame
"I'm not the one to blame"
Feel the pain they hold inside
See the grief behind their pride
Still their love won't ever die
And tonight it feels alright

You don't understand
My back against the wall
I ever seem to fall
You don't understand
You don't understand
I never hear you call
I was made for falling down

The moon relieves against the sky
Shapeless faces pass me by
I hate to see the part I play
But at night all cats are grey
Get undressed and hold me tight
When the dark defeats the light
Then my love may even die
But at night I feel alright

You don't understand...

The things that made me fall
The things that I might say
I never hear you call
I never feel again


I really try my best
To give you
Whatever you demand
I'm your friend
I'll pass your test
I realy try my best
To treat you
Not like anyone
But much better
Than the rest

You give me what I need
You dress me when I bleed
You cheer me when I'm blue
I feel your love is true

I'll never give away
Your sweet heart
That's beating in your chest
You do me good
Whatever you say
I'll never turn away
From you
The yearning inside gets worse
And it grows
Day by day

You give me what I need...


Protect me from this boring life
Diversify my days
Into your sea I want to dive
When I fall ill with haze
Too many faults that you will find
You've got to bear them all
Relieve me from my haughty kind
Pride goes before I fall

Don't pronounce me guilty when I lie
Be merciful to me
Have patience with me when I cry
For your charity
Be near me when I need you most
Tranquilize my soul
Delight me like a blooming rose
Then I'll reach my goal

Like a sea of flames
Like a sea of flames
Like a sea of flames
You warm me, day by day

You turn down the coldest cold
You're like a sea of flames
You give me shelter till I'm old
And you keep me from shame
You will be the guiding light
When I lose my way
You will lead me through the night
And also through the day

Like a sea of flames...


You lead me through the harshest pain
Though I injure you
And you forgive me that I'm so mean
It's not hard for you
To be gentle with your heart and soul
That is what I try
Expell me if you don't believe
But don't start to cry

I beg you
Lay down by my side
To feel you
You build up my pride
And I swear
I will bound
That I care 'leave you safe and sound

There are times we disagree
And we start to hate
But in the end we harmonize
We hang on to each blade
Forget the things I say to you
When I'm in a ragev Don't listen to the row I make
You'd better skip this page

I beg you...


You wouldn't believe what I'm going through
My thoughts and emotions lay bare for you
Try not to hurt them, don't blow out the flame
Just be gentle and hold me again
We cannot take back all the words we said
But try to hold on to the moments we shared
Don't deceive me but release me from pain
Please be gentle and kiss me, kiss me again

People regret when they bleed
After a long way we meet
If you have faith you can see
The beauty inside of me

Life is so cold in the still of the night
Longing for your temple of delight
Don't abuse me but seduce me today
Please be gentle and love me, love me again...

People regret when they bleed
Never despise what you need
If you believe we can be
All that you wanted to be

People regret when they bleed
After a long way we meet
If you have faith you can see
The beauty inside of me

If you have faith you can see
The beauty inside of me


Don't come back
You take my breath
Long before I die
I came to see you again
You make me pray
For being in love with you tonight

In every moment we have shared
You withheld all what I deserved
And left me with my pain
For every moment we have shared
You take away what I deserve
And leave me in despair

Long before I die...

In every moment we have shared...


Stories of the past
Make my heart ache
The shining of the stars
Will make the earth quake
Gone too far
The angels start to sing
And pain is what it brings

I found heaven
I found joy
And peace within my mind
In the sand, in the grass
In the hills of the land called Blue moon
I found heaven...

I heard it in a dream
Don't sell your soul
Now there's a need to scream
A need to change my role
'Cause stories of the past
Make my heart ache
Time goes too fast
For my sake

I found heaven...


Time... time changes everything
Time heals all your wounds
A broken heart will heal

Time... time changes every thought
Time changes every point of view
You will see things in a different light

Fears... will be forgotten soon
Will be forgotten totally
Your mind will be cleaned up

You will see the sun again
You will feel it's warmth again
Smiling people in the crowd
Talking to you, hear their sound

Time... time changes everyone
Time changes even friend and foe
You will see them from a different side

Tears... will sweep away real soon
Will wash away your misery
Your sigh will fade away




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