Dress Me When I Bleed (1995)

Dress Me When I Bleed (radio edit)
Get Over The Wall
Dress Me When I Bleed (bloodless mix)

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I really try my best
To give you
Whatever you demand
I'm your friend
I'll pass your test
I realy try my best
To treat you
Not like anyone
But much better
Than the rest

You give me what I need
You dress me when I bleed
You cheer me when I'm blue
I feel your love is true

I'll never give away
Your sweet heart
That's beating in your chest
You do me good
Whatever you say
I'll never turn away
From you
The yearning inside gets worse
And it grows
Day by day

You give me what I need...


The glow in your eyes
Reveales your willingness
Don't loose your tie
I want your sweet caress
Longing for your touch
Is what i feel inside
My body missed so much
Thats why i'll give up all my pride

Get over the wall
Conquer my inmost soul
Hold me tight if I fall
Into your tempting hole
Get over the wall
Let your feelings flow
When I hear your call
I fell my passion grow

You turn black
Into the brigthest white
You dont keep me back
When I want to see the night
There is so much time to sin
And we can stand it all
There is so much we can win
So get over the wall

Get over the wall...


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